About Three Pines Studio & Gallery

Three Pines Studio and Gallery was founded in 2000 by Gene Reck and Joann Condino. Construction on the current site was begun in 2001 and the building opened in May 2002. When you visit Three Pines, you will be greeted by Carina, our studio dog.

Carina Three Pines Studio Dog

Three Pines is a working studio in the arts and crafts tradition. The Studio features designs by Joann Condino as well as the works of more than 50 other Northern Michigan local artists. The gallery’s wide selection of work for sale is based on originality and artistic merit.

At Three Pines, one can find Pottery, Fiber Art, Jewelry, Furniture, Paintings (watercolor, oil, acrylic), Blown Glass, Sculptures, and Wood. Browse the gallery for many other interesting and beautiful objects.

In addition, we have a wide range of workshops for all ages and often special demonstrations or activities.

Wood Block Print Linens Joann Condino

Wood Blocked Linens

For the past forty-five years, Joann Condino has developed a unique style using her own collection of antique blocks. She is now printing a signature line of 100% linen fabrics in the studio and also offers a tea towel subscription.

Hand Dyed Wool Yarn Colors of Crooked Tree

Wool and Cotton Yarn

Our yarns are made from local wool and 100% cotton, and our dye process is almost exclusively hand painting (with the exception of the indigo and black walnut which must be vat dyed). Visit the gallery to see what we have available.

Mission Statement

We believe that we and the world are always changing. The only way to control the shape and direction of those changes is by the choices that each individual makes in daily life. Our values determine those choices. Rigorously applying the tested approaches of questioning, observing, respecting, serving, and working will insure a meaningful future that maintains continuity with the past. This is what Three Pines Studio is about.