Karen Bradley

Karen Bradley is a self-taught artist who has been knitting and crocheting for nearly 30 years. Her love of fiber and needlework started with her first needlepoint project in grade school. But she has always been fascinated with lace. When she first learned to crochet, she knit doilies and lace tablecloths were in her future. After teaching herself to knit, it was only natural that she would make shawls and scarves and other lace projects. Because she is self-taught, Karen confesses that she has probably made, and learned from, every possible mistake. It was a labor-intensive but very thorough learning technique, she said. As a result, she can draw from years of experience in what will work in her designs. Much of her inspiration is drawn from nature, the lacey texture of leaves or the ripple of sunlight on water can mimic the delicate lace of a stole or shawl. Because of her depth of experience in lace knitting and crocheting, Karen seldom works from a published pattern, but uses her extensive library of knitting books to choose individual stitch patterns from. In 2009, one of her designs, a knitted and felted hat with beaded and crocheted lace trim, was accepted into a national hat show outside of Chicago. Karen graduated from Harbor Springs High School and Western Michigan University. She shows her original fiber art at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village. She lives in Harbor Springs. In 2012 her work was featured on the cover of Knitters Magazine

Last modified January 10, 2011

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