Jim Casper

Sadly, Jim passed away early this year. We do have a few of his unique paintings for sale. Jim Casper, East Lansing, Michigan, native and summertime Harbor Springs resident, was so inspired by Winston Churchill’s essay, Painting as a Pastime (1921-1948), that he has not only taken the British Prime Minister’s famous words to heart - he has taken them to canvas. More than ten years ago, as a newly retired business owner, Casper was ready for a creative change. Prompted by Churchill’s compelling invitation to take up painting as an easily accessible, yet life-enriching pastime, Casper followed his passion for art, turning his company over to his son, Jim Jr., and never looking back. In a manner much like Churchill, Casper considers his distinctive style as being more pragmatic than anything else. “I prefer to paint with acrylics on gesso board, because it’s a loose, quick style,” he said. “I don’t enjoy waiting around for (oil) 'paint to dry,' because I’m not a patient man.” Casper prefers interpreting landscapes, especially in northern Michigan, because of their richness in colors and textures. He feels that each painting is a work in progress that continually evolves. “I don’t set out to paint a picture as it is, or as it is commonly seen. I just start painting. Only after the process has begun can I begin to interpret and uncover the subtleties of color and shape that aren’t readily apparent. Discovery is what it’s all about.” Casper is also a founding member of Three Village Arts, an informal plein air painting group, so naturally he can be found on many a summer day capturing northern Michigan’s splendor with a paintbrush in one hand and a cigar in the other.

Last modified June 8, 2014

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