Candace Petersen

In 2005, after 30 years as a software systems analyst, Candace left the world of charts and diagrams behind to focus, instead, on portraying the world outside. Her favorite subjects are those where light and dimensionality play leading roles. Being "bi-coastal" with residences in coastal New Jersey and the north shore of Lake Huron in Michigan, Candace often draws inspiration from dunes, farms, and forests. But the play of light against man-made structures also provides alluring subject matter, particularly when she travels. Candace finds that painting in plein air is a natural way to practice mindfulness. Just being in the moment, painting outdoors, imbues her paintings with atmosphere, texture, and feeling from the onset. She says that once she gets into the rhythm of a plein air painting, everything extraneous falls away. After painting outside on location for a couple of hours, she can return to the studio and, still feeling the weather and hearing the birdsong, be transported back to the vision that moved her. When not painting, Candace runs Shark River Design with her husband, supplying a variety of services and products to artists interested in promoting their work. Candace is president of the Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast and runs a critiquing group for pastel artists called the Pastelists’ Salon. Education: B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. Candace is largely self-taught as an artist, but has taken workshops with Alan Flattmann, Kim Lordier, Richard McKinley, Clark Mitchell, Stan Sperlak, Marla Bargetta and Skip Whitcomb. Other strong influences include the artwork and writings of Kevin McPherson, Lois Griffel, and Richard Schmid.
Fredricks Galleries in Spring Lake, NJ
Cafe Artiste, Spring Lake, NJ
Three Pines Studio, Cross Village, MI

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