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A Special Event in the 10th Anniversary Series. Margie Guyot's Still Life Paintings show in Cross Village Mi August 20-30. Opening, August 20, 2011 2-7 PM. If you have questions please call, E-mail or visit.

Margie Guyot - Artist's Statement - “On a Vintage Cloth”

Ever since I can remember, I've always loved old tablecloths, hankies, and fabrics. Over the years I've collected them and it seemed inevitable: incorporating them into my still life paintings. Seeing one too many “washed out watercolors” of large, cabbagey-looking flowers, done by amateurs, in Mall shows made me fall in love with Oil paints. I love Oil for their brilliance and depth of color. And their “brushy” quality. I love paintings that have a high “gooshy” quality. Ones that almost make a person want to lick them! Although I learned to paint from attending plein air landscape workshops, it became advantageous to always have a still life setup going. I used to work 50+ hour weeks on the line at Ford. Getting out to paint every day, then hustling off to work was not easy. Having a still life set up in the dining room, where I could work on it for short time periods, was a good thing. And I still do plein air landscapes. For me, alternating between landscapes and still lifes keeps me on my toes. Why do I love still lifes? Several reasons. Years ago I decided that the rest of the world can be going to Hell in a handbasket, but I could create my own little world, with complete control. And I could solve all the problems. The more I got into still lifes, it became a game for me. I'd think now how difficult can I make this? I make competing with myself a kind of game. As many people have suspected, Janet Fish is my all-time idol! Her use of color, reflected light and attention to translucency - wow! That's for ME! I have no interest in painting the typical dark, gloomy still lifes that most people think of when they think of still lifes: dark, brown, gloomy, with a single ray of light on an onion. Hey! Life's a CARNIVAL, full of colors - and surprises!

Margie Guyot Gallery