Visit Our Booth at Market

Visit our booth where we will be displaying and selling our yarns and linens.

  • Harbor Springs Farmer’s Market: West Main Street in Downtown Harbor Springs.
  • Market Days: Every Wednesday & Saturday (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend) from 9AM to 1PM.
Wood Block Print Linens Joann Condino

Three Pines Studio Linens

For the past forty-five years, Joann Condino has developed a unique style using her own collection of antique blocks and prints a signature line of 100% linen fabrics by hand.

Hand Dyed Wool Yarn Colors of Crooked Tree

Colors of Crooked Tree Yarn

Our yarns are made from local wool and 100% cotton, and our dye process is almost exclusively hand painting (with the exception of the indigo and black walnut which must be vat dyed).