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The Story of Skillagalee Rugs

In 2008, several women in the Cross Village area decided to create a cottage based industry for disadvantaged women that live in Cross Village and the surrounding areas. These women donated much of their time and resources toward this industry and Cross Village Rug Works was born. I was apprenticed to make hand hooked pictorial rugs from quality, hand dyed yarn spun locally from local sheep. I fell in love with the craft and created over forty pieces for the Cross Village Rug Works. After much agony and sadness the Rug Works closed it’s doors in the spring (2010), Which left many without a job. However, it did leave me with the desire and knowledge to create beautiful hand crafted rugs in my home, Cross Village. The women who started the cottage based industry wanted to help the apprentices to stand on their own. They sold yarn and other materials to those of us who wanted to continue to craft rugs. Though Cross Village Rug Works is no longer a venue, I continue to produce punch hooked rugs and greatly appreciate the skills I have gained. I was born and raised in Cross Village and consider myself lucky to have grown up in this beautiful area. Throughout my life I’ve stood on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan and watched the blinking lighthouses. Early in summer 2010, I began designing and hooking my Michigan Lighthouse series rugs. My goal is to create rugs of all 106 lighthouses in Michigan. I feel lighthouses reflect our area and beautiful state. My dream is to be able to continue making and selling rugs not only lighthouses but custom designs. My goal is to brighten people’s lives with beautifully hand crafted rugs. My current lighthouse rugs include White Shoal, Cheboygan Crib Light, Waugoshance Point, Beaver Island, McGulphin Point and Skillagalee. My rugs are for sale at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village (231 526-9447) Please contact me or Three Pines Studio regarding my lighthouse series or a custom order. The rugs pictured below are 2 feet by 3 feet and are priced at $700.

Joe Ellen Keller Crossett

Lighthouse Rugs


Skillagglee Sold

McGulpin Point

Beaver Island

Cheboygan Crib

Wavgoshance Point

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