Museum of L' Arbre Croche History

The museum, founded in 1995 by Fr. Albert Langheim O.F.M., displays the background of the area located between Middle Village and Cross Village. The original name of the area was L' Arbre Croche, which meant "crooked tree". Hundreds of settlements were discovered in the area by early missionaries. The museum has four rooms and a main hall for displays. The Odawa Room contains stone and wooden tools used by early man and artifacts by native American tribes. The Weikamp Room features the life and times of Father Weikamp, his belief of mysticism, and the farm tools of the time. The L' Arbre Croche Room contains photos oflocal native Americans, a mixture of implements and religious artifacts. The Baraga Room features Bishop Frederick Baraga writings and records of the Cross Village area. The main display is a wooden painting of the beatified Francois DeLaval, and blessed Baraga, and Samuel Mazzuchelli. And finally, the Main Hall will feature area families or logging, making of maple sugar etc. all in album form. The museum is open from mid May until mid October, Saturdays, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for group tours and school field trips. Videotapes ant research material are also available. The museum is located in the parish hall on the grounds of Holy Cross Church 6624 North Lakeshore Drive, Cross Village, Michigan., 49723. Everyone is welcome to tour the unique Museum of L' Arbre Croche History.

Call for information or appointments 231.526.0906. Mail POBox 169, Cross Village MI, 49723.