Megan Swoyer Workshop – Lake Life: All-Levels Watercolor


Megan Swoyer Workshop – Lake Life: All-Levels Watercolor. July 13, 2023 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Cost: $70.

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Megan Swoyer Workshop – Lake Life: All-Levels Watercolor

July 13, 2023 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Cost: $70

Join watercolorist/art teacher Megan Swoyer as she leads you on a veritable summery, “lakeside journey” right here, outdoors, at the studio. You’ll paint quintessential Michigan — including dragonflies, wildflowers, and waterbirds. Students will paint A FEW different works and learn techniques that include wax resist, wet-into-wet, and petal shadowing. Megan’s easy-going teaching style ensures your painting time will be relaxing and rewarding. “You’ll feel like you’re sitting on an inland dock in northern Michigan (toes in water, of course) as your subjects come to life on paper,” Megan says. Pure Painterly! Space is limited; reserve your spot soon!

Learn more about Megan at or follow her on Instagram at meganswoyer. If you have questions about anything class-related, email Megan at

Note: You may get hungry or thirsty during class. Be sure to bring water or beverage preference and snacks. Snacks and a great selection of lunches available across the road at the Village Mart. Also, it may be a good idea to bring a lawn chair. There will be shade and picnic tables.

Supplies List:

  • A white crayon or white taper candle
  • Table salt
  • A paperclip
  • Painter’s Tape (if you’re paper is loose and not bound, like the type of tape that wall painters use)
  • Paper (cold press, up to five sheets that are like 8 x 10 or 9 x 12)
  • Brushes (round brushes that come to a POINT when wet, sizes can be 0 (for details), a 6 or 8 for most of painting, and up to a 12, if you like, for larger areas/background.
  • Pencil for sketching, an everyday, 2B. Eraser (not the pencil top one as those often smudge)
  • A board for painting on (I use thick box cardboard siding, can be a cut piece of cardboard from a large shipping box, as long as it’s bigger than your paper, you can tape your paper down onto the board)
  • Watercolor paint: Cerulean blue, sap green, ocher, Quinacridone gold (optional), a teal, violet, orange, yellow (a bright one like Indian yellow and a light one like lemon yellow, cobalt blue. (optional), brown, veridian. If you don’t have all these colors, we can easily mix them up or come close with the colors you already have. Note, if you are a beginner and are buying a palette and tubes (paint that’s not already in a palette), please try to open tubes ahead of class and squeeze colors (dime size) into your palette wells so that they can settle, well before class begins.

OPTIONAL “SUPPLY-BUY”: Megan can point you in the direction of a shop that sells beginner watercolor kits with all you need when it comes to brushes, eraser, pencil, paper and paints. If you mention Megan when ordering you receive at 15 percent discount. The kits are around $21 and last a good while! They ship!

OPTIONAL “SUPPLY-USE”: Megan is happy to bring all the supplies you need for you to use during class. Cost is an extra $10 per head. Megan needs a heads-up if you need her to bring supplies. Email her at at least two weeks before class date.